Coin Branding

We are proud to call Andris Pone, Canadian branding expert and Coin Branding president, our dear friend. He is a professional we trust and recommend to all our clients looking to establish a brand name and/or brand foundation and clearly formulate their brand personality.

We have worked with Andris on several projects, and now was the time to give the Coin Branding website a facelift. Over the course of many years, Andris wrote a weekly blog and made numerous TV and radio commentaries on brand-related topics. This redesign aimed to showcase Andris’ expertise and present Coin’s services to clients.

I am a branding expert who needed a new website to very sharply convey the key elements of my verbal and visual brand – in order to set an example for my current and potential clients. It’s an assignment I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Except, that is, Andrea Dubravsky and her team at Genuweb. They cheerfully stickhandled all of my many requests and ruminations and delivered a beautiful final product that represents my brand perfectly, and of which I am very proud. Thank you, Genuweb!

Andris Pone, MBA | President, Coin Branding Inc.


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