Logo and corporate identity are essential elements of a unique and recognizable brand. What we bring to the table is 30 years of experience in creating memorable brands.

What makes a good logo?

When creating a logo, we anticipate how the logo and its elements can be used for corporate identity as well as  marketing materials (both print and digital). We are  the designer of choice for the majority of our clients because we ensure seamless brand presentation across all channels.

  • Appropriate to your industry
  • Distinctive
  • Memorable
  • Practical for various applications (displays properly on a pen as well as building, readable in black and white and colour combinations, etc.)
  • Designed using appropriate colour combinations – good contrast for accessibility purposes and cost-effective production

    Graphic Standards Manual

    A Graphic Standards Manual is provided at the end of the project containing important guidelines for proper use of a logo and also outlining  essential elements of a brand’s visual identity. The manual consists of the following components:

    • Logo design
    • Logo elements and its proportions and relationships
    • Proper logo use and variations
    • Logo fonts
    • Colour swatches
    • Business card design
    • Letterhead and invoice template
    • Sample logo applications

    Your brand deserves a strong logo.

    We can help