Dipp’d Candy Online Fundraising

Dipp’d Candy, as the name suggests, makes dipped candy apples. They sell the apples at their retail location. In addition, they offer fundraising programs for schools, gyms, dance studios, etc.  The fundraising program traditionally worked using paper order forms distributed to the students at participating schools. The students would collect orders from their friends and family and bring the filled-out order forms back to school. The school would earn a 50% profit from all the sales.

As you can guess, the reach of the program was limited only to those people students could reach out to. Dipp’d Candy was looking for a solution to make it easy for the students (and their parents) to reach more people quickly and without the hassle of filling out the order forms. That’s where our online fundraising system comes in.

The online fundraising system uses an e-commerce platform, tracks sales, and attributes each sale to the proper organization (school or team). Each organization has a dedicated page with a unique website address. Students and parents can share the URL to their page via email and social media with their family and friends, who can shop for deliciously dipped candy apples at their convenience. All sales that come through their page are automatically attributed to the organization, earning them a commission.

Participating schools can monitor their fundraisers in real-time via their Dashboard. Here, they can check the progress of their fundraiser, the sales and earnings. They can download graphics and marketing materials from their Dashboard to help them promote their fundraiser. No more paperwork or collecting sheets, but one platform that our client and the school administrators can maintain and share.

Our online fundraising system is invaluable for any business that offers fundraising for schools and teams. The online fundraising campaign has an exponentially wider reach, leading to more sales and earnings for everyone.

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