Terra Cotta Cookies Online Fundraising System

Terra Cotta Foods’ Frozen Cookie Dough Drops fundraising has been one of the most popular fundraisers for schools and teams for years. However, COVID hit, and lockdowns put an end to many fundraisers that required physical distribution of catalogue and order sheets. But, every crisis brings an opportunity to think outside of the box. We did, and came up with a solution to take Terra Cotta Fundraising online. This means no more paperwork, no more collecting sheets, but one platform that our client and the school administrators can maintain and share.

The online fundraising system uses an e-commerce platform and tracks sales and attributes each sale to the proper organization (school or team). Every organization gets a designated page and can share the link to their page with students and their parents, who can easily share with their family and friends.

The system allows the Terra Cotta Foods fundraising coordinator to onboard new participants, create their accounts, set up their landing page, review orders, and export order summaries and tally sheets once the fundraiser ends.

Every organization has a dedicated page with a unique url. This page provides information about the fundraiser, such as the start and end dates, information about when the orders will get delivered, and the “Start Shopping” button. All sales that come through their page are automatically attributed to the organization.

Participating schools can monitor their fundraisers in real-time via their Dashboard. Here, they can check the progress of their fundraiser, the sales and earnings. From their Dashboard, they can download graphics and marketing materials to help them promote their fundraiser.

Thanks to social media, text messaging, and emails, the reach of Terra Cotta Frozen Cookie Dough fundraiser is exponential.

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