Use personas to understand what motivates your audiences.

Use personas to understand what motivates your audiences.

Creating personas is a common tactic that helps marketers identify and adequately describe their target audience and tailor their messages to appeal to them. Personas will help you better understand – what motivates people to donate, volunteer, and support your organization.

In his article “How to Create Marketing Personas for Your Nonprofit“, John Haydon, one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for non-profits and charities, describes six steps for creating personas.

  1. Define your segments and give them names.
  2. Define demographics – where do they live, what is their gender, education level, marital status and income.
  3. Identify people’s values, beliefs, passions, and interests.
  4. Know what motivates them on an emotional level. What matters to them? What are their worries and goals?
  5. Know what value do they get from your organization. Is it a good feeling from being able to help, volunteer their time?
  6. Give your personas names using adjectives that describe their behaviors; use photos to give them a face.

Remember your personas when communicating with your audience, each time you are about to send out a mass email, post an appeal on your website or social media. The effect of your message will magnify when you hit the right buttons.

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