Searles Surveying

Logo redesign for surveying company. After 30 years in business, Searles Surveying decided to change their logo, create a new website and strengthen their brand.

This task could not be successful without a proper brand foundation. Andris Pone of Coin Branding worked with Searles Surveying to identify the essence of their brand and established their new tagline: The Measure Of Meticulous™. This was implemented in the logo and corporate identity.

The logo builds on the fact that surveying is a precise work that requires exact measurements. We incorporated the visual of one of surveying’s oldest tools – the surveyor plumb bob – into the logotype. The end result is a very clean, straight-lines identity that subtly (and boldly at the same time) captures what the company is all about.

Logo & Identity Design
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Website Design: Genuweb

Logo & Identity Design: Genuweb

Brand Foundation: Andris Pone, Coin Branding