There will always be someone who can do it cheaper

There will always be someone who can do it cheaper

Whether you are looking for a roofer, a hairdresser, or a designer, you can bet that the minute you find one, a friend will tell you he knows someone who can do it cheaper. And he is right. There will always be someone who can do it cheaper. Question is: Will you settle for cheap? Good web designers know their value and charge accordingly.

There are several aspects to consider when budgeting for a website. The price is determined by functionality, amount and type of content, website design, website accessibility, and more.

Web strategy and functionality

Ask yourself: What do we expect this website to do for us, and what functionality must it have to achieve it?

Every website has a business goal – to generate leads, increase revenues, promote a cause or a place. These goals determine the web strategy and functionality. Most business owners have a pretty clear idea of what they want to achieve but need help to plan and strategize. The web design company’s job is to recommend the right system, functionality, content and information architecture, and possibly online marketing strategy. Only then can the project move to the design and development stage.

Good design and usability

While it is easy to understand how functionality affects the price it is harder to explain what makes a difference in the cost of website design. (Although the image below says it all…)

Good designers have more than a unique talent to come up with beautiful designs. They understand how people use websites, and are very much aware of the principles of website usability, accessibility and SEO. They know how to use colors, fonts, images and graphics effectively. They work with typography and layout to present each page in a way that highlights the primary information, increases readership.

If you ever look at a website and feel that something’s off, take a closer look at the content presentation. Are fonts, colors, and headings consistent? Can the website “breathe” – meaning is there enough white space? Are images of consistent and proportional sizes?

How much should you budget for a website?

In the web design industry, you truly get what you pay for. Good designers have knowledge and experience and ask for a fair price. Let me ask you this. If you were in court and wanted to be successful at trial, would you hire a lawyer based on how much he charges per hour? Probably not.

A website project is a start of a new relationship. It is never a one-time project, or at least it shouldn’t be. As your business needs change so does your website and you want to have a trusted partner who can recommend how your website can help you reach your goals.