Last week I talked a potential client out of hiring us

Last week I talked a potential client out of hiring us

Last week I talked a potential client out of hiring us. Sounds crazy, I know, but it was the right thing for the client.

A couple venturing into a home craft business wanted to design an e-commerce website and logo. They are just starting their business and plan to start small and eventually grow the company.

We specialize in WordPress and Woocommerce and have over 30 years of logo design experience. I am confident that we could have done a fantastic job and helped this client with a beautiful, functional website and logo that will allow them to gain brand recognition. But would the cost make sense for the client? Probably not.

I recommended they save the initial costs and test the market using Etsy or Shopify. And instead of investing in a professional logo, they can try Canva or Fiverr. This would allow them to test the market, find out the demand for their product, and also see if they are willing to give their business the time and effort it requires.

As their business grows, it will likely get to the stage when using Etsy or Shopify will not make sense due to the considerable fees these platforms charge. At that point, investing in their own e-commerce platform will make sense, maybe a logo revamp. We will be here to help.

Why would we do this?

Why would we turn away a potential client instead of persuading them that having a professional logo and their own website is much better from the start? Well, because when we started Genuweb, we pledged to always do what is best for the client, not for our pockets.